result plot circle of 491380/43 in base 41

Modular Visualizer

Floating point division and overbar sequences in any base

a plot comparing a curve to a straight line

Aussie Rain

Iterative imputation and piped models
This article assumes knowledge of machine learning.

artistically stylized photo of the Collaborative Computing Center

What Happened at Idaho National Laboratory?

Details and Insights from my Internship

Escape Room

Minecraft Escape Room

Enjoy this is simple, but well engineered map.
You sent lots of helpful feedback, thank you!
I will be releasing new maps.

A sample question

Test-Taking Aptitude Test

After much ignored feedback, the academic parody is here!

a sinusoidal plot

Machine Learning with Periodic Attributes

Considerations and techniques

installing Keras

Getting Started with Keras

Concise Notes for Learning Keras in Python and R

plot of robust linear model

LOWESS, Robust, and Least Squares Curves

A Tutorial for LOWESS Curves and Robust Linear Models

Minecraft command blocks

Project Management Improvement

Principles for Life

Sample of video titles

Entering the Dark Side of YouTube

An awkward exercise in experimental design about something actually slightly useful. Created May 2019.
I warn there are some consequential typos.

distorted segment of the paper

How I discovered the Gray code in 2018

(before I knew what it was called)